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Antique boxes are now highly valuable and prized by antique collectors. However, in their days, these boxes were created for functional purposes like storage and carrying. Jewellery boxes that were originally made to hold the jewellery of the royal women or the idols in the temples now make interesting décor items in any vintage setting.


Antique Furniture

At The Antique Story, we have rare collectibles that you may not find in the vintage furniture shops in your locality. We source and curate vintage products from all over the country. Whether you are looking for antique doors or chairs, you will find vintage products online at our e-store.

Tribal Art

India has a rich tribal heritage and the items that the tribes used in the ancient times are highly valuable now. You can get tribal art paintings or masks to enhance the wall of any room. Most of the tribal art items are actually utilitarian products designed and used by the tribals.


The kitchenware used in the early days gives us a glimpse into the daily life of our ancestors. You can find antique kitchenware products like wooden juicers, metal water pots, kharal, and many more at The Antique Story. You can use these vintage items for table top decoration. They will also look great in a display cabinet.

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