Antique Story was born out of a simple desire to learn and convey ancient narratives through art. We love going to unexpected places and finding beautiful stories and legends of the past, embedded into traditional arts and crafts. It is our dream to bring these stories to the present and ensure they are passed on into the future. 

During our travels across various Indian cities to locate and procure these collectibles, we found that the market for antiques was far from streamlined. It was a mammoth task not just to find genuine pieces, but also to connect to authentic art dealers. Whenever we came upon an original, real work of art, we started doing extensive research into each piece, talking to experts, collectors and historians. From our efforts to understand every creation through the stories and art forms behind it, emerged a determination to develop a comprehensive archive of designs from history.

Attached to the pieces and stories that we curate, is an inspiring variety of vintage crafts and art forms, many of which are either extinct or slowly fading. We've made it our mission to preserve these dying traditions and transmit them to newer generations in a relevant new form, giving the crafts more popularity, and the craftsmen, a better life.

It is evident that, given the sheer scale and number of the regions where these arts and crafts hail from, it is nearly impossible to find such a diverse vintage collection in a single place. With Antique Story, we've decided to use technology to bridge this gap, and bring this treasure-house to the comfort of your home - a place where these antique stories will hopefully build a whole new legacy.