1. How do I purchase a product from The Antique Story?

You will see a “BUY” button on the top as well as bottom of each of the product descriptions. You will have to click on that button and provide us with some specific information through a simple enquiry form and click on submit button. We will get in touch with you with all the relevant details about availability, shipping costs etc. and help you complete the purchase.


2. What are the additional charges when I purchase an article from The Antique Story?

The price displayed on the product description page does not include Government taxes and shipping costs. Once you make a purchase enquiry, we will respond with the shipping costs and the taxes applicable. Once you confirm these, we will send you a payment link to close the purchase.


3. Do you ship products all over the world? 

We will start shipping our products globally soon. Don't forget to leave an enquiry by sending us a mail on info@theantiquestory.in by calling us/ping us on WhatsApp +91 96063 71111. 

4. What are the payment options available for me?

We accept online credit cards, debit cards, net banking and some specific mobile wallets. All of these are enabled through our reputed and trusted payment gateway partner.


5.Is there a facility of Cash on delivery?

We do not have cash on delivery facility as of now.


6.Do you have physical store anywhere in India?

We are an online store only. All our products are sold only through theantiquestory.com


7.Do you undertake any kind of restoration of the products bought by us?

We do not undertake any kind of restoration. The products will be sold as they are shown in the pictures.


8.What if the object that I really love says Sold out? Can I get another piece?

Most of the collectibles that are listed on our site are rare and one of a kind. Nevertheless, please do drop in a mail to us on info@theantiquestory.com if you want to buy an object that says sold out. We will check with all our selling partners again if a similar object is available.