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Looking for antique items to decorate a vintage-themed setting? Don’t spend your time and money checking out numerous antique stores in Mumbai. You don’t even have to go out of your home or office to buy rare and authentic curios and decorative items. You can browse The Antique Story from the comfort of your home and find the best selection of vintage collectibles.

Antique items available at The Antique Story

The Antique Story is one of the top online antique shops in Mumbai that has an exclusive selection of vintage items. Our selection includes antique wooden idols, furniture, doors, tribal masks, vintage kitchenware, oleographs and paintings, and Christian Art. You can adorn the walls of your home, office, or store with rare paintings, colourful tribal masks, and authentic Ravi Varma oleographs. Are you looking for antique idols and statues to decorate a vintage-themed space? We have wooden idols of a guard, Lord Krishna, and antique wooden bust, which will be perfect for your needs.

Rare vintage items at The Antique Story

We don’t know about the authenticity of the vintage items sold in the antique furniture shops in Mumbai. However, we can guarantee that all the antique items that we sell on our e-store are authentic and verified. We carefully check the authenticity of the antique items that we receive and restore them to their original beauty. If you are a collector looking to get unique vintage items for your collection, The Antique Story is the best place to check out. Visit our website to find rare and unique collectibles to add to your collection.