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India has a rich history and culture that is reflected in the handicrafts. In the early days, craft items were made out of wood, metal, stones, beads, bamboo, fabric, clay, jute, and lots more. The choice of the material and the style and design depended on the region. Most of the antique items that we have these days were originally designed for functional purposes.

Handicraft items that you can use for interior decoration are:

Vintage wooden and metal statues

Statues or idols of Gods, Goddess, and characters from famous epics are great interior décor items. You can choose the statue depending on the theme of the decoration. Wooden statues painted in bright colours will look beautiful on a side table in your living room or on the wall display of the reception in a hotel. 

Antique Kitchenware

When you browse through an antique craft store, you may come across a pan box made of metal or an opium box carved out of wood. You could use these pretty boxes to store your trinkets or display them on your coffee table. A metal urn used in the traditional kitchens of Rajasthan would make a great centrepiece or flower vase on your dining table. You can use these antique kitchenware items in many ways to decorate your home.

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