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Antique items are very valuable and require the best maintenance. So, when you display the vintage collectible at home or commercial space, you should think of its care and maintenance. Here are some interesting ways to display vintage products in your luxury home décor.

Vintage Wall Decor

If you have vintage paintings, tribal masks, old photographs, banners, ribbons, and other collectibles, the best way to show off your vintage collection would be by displaying them on the wall. When you’re displaying them on the wall, you can use colour coding or a different background to highlight the vintage collectible. A spot light also works great.

Create a cosy vintage corner

If your collection of antiques includes porcelain figurines, metal idols, wooden statues, or tiny ornamental boxes, then you can arrange them on a side table in your living room. You could also create a tiered display or a step shelf and arrange the vintage collectibles.

Use a display case or cabinet

If your collectibles are delicate and/or very valuable, it would be a good idea to put them behind glass. Place the antique items in a display cabinet with a glass door that has a lock.

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