The earliest known Antique Indian tribal art in India dates back to more than 30,000 years. These are the rock paintings seen in the Bhimbetka rock shelters. The rock paintings that have survived till date can be seen in Ajanta and Ellora caves and also in the temples of Khajuraho. Though these paintings are done in the primitive style, they beautifully depict the life and belief of our ancestors. As artists began to experiment with techniques, canvas and mediums, different styles of paintings began to emerge in different parts of the country. These paintings are rare and highly valuable.

Indian art styles

The Muslim invasion and the European invasion brought about a huge change in Indian tribal art.

Madhubani painting

Ethnic to the Mithila region (current day Bihar), these paintings were originally done by women. The artist dabs the paint on the base using fingers, brushes, twigs, matchsticks, or other materials. The paints used are made from natural materials. These paintings generally have a geometric pattern.

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Mughal Paintings

Traditional Indian painting style and Persian miniature painting style fused to form a new style that was reflected in the Mughal paintings. There are very few surviving paintings. Collectors search for such paintings for sale online, hoping to add another rare painting to their collection. 

Tanjore Paintings

This painting technique originated in the town of Tanjore in South India. The speciality of these paintings is that they are done on a wood base and embellished with gems, foil, beads, lace, and other materials. This painting style is still practised these days. The original Tanjore paintings are very valuable and are collector’s items. You can buy Tanjore paintings online and other vintage tribal online.