Checking out Indian antique dealers online to buy antique items for interior decoration or your vintage collection? There are many antique dealers online offering a wide range of vintage products curated from different parts of the country. If you are a hardcore antiquarian, you will surely understand the terms and jargons on the website. However, if you are an looking for antique items for a vintage-themed setting or an individual who wants to buy antique items for home or store, we have curated objects from different parts of India.

Terms that describe the condition of the antique item

Most of the dealers offering Indian antiques online use the below terms to describe the condition of the vintage collectible:

Good condition:

Though the term says it is in good condition, you may find a few chips, cracks or discolouration. Sometimes, vintage items that have been restored or repaired by experts may also be classified as good condition.

Excellent condition:

When antique dealers list an item as excellent condition, it means that it has minor flaws that are nearly invisible. In most cases, expert restorers would have repaired the flaws.


Mint Condition

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