History of Handicrafts in India

The history of handicrafts in India is nearly 5000-years old and goes back to the time of the Indus Valley Civilization. From this time, people have been using locally available materials to create stunning handicrafts. As many dynasties and countries invaded the county, they stamped their style into Indian arts and antique crafts, giving rise to different styles of handicraft items in India. The rich and vibrant history and heritage of India has only fuelled the skills and talents of many artisans and craftsmen across the country.

From the terracotta items made during the Indus Valley civilisation to the Ravi Varma oleographs, there is a wide range of antique handicraft items available in the country. Most of the handicraft items were designed by the creators for utilitarian purposes. Nowadays, these items are highly valuable and prized by collectors. Interior decorators and individuals looking for rare and interesting curios can get Indian antique handicrafts. These unique items showcase the history and heritage of the land and add a vintage charm to any setting. Plus, they make great conversation starters.

Buy Indian Handicrafts Online

You can buy antique handicraft items online. However, you should keep in mind a few points before you make your purchase:

  • Check the condition of the antique item. The online store lists the condition of the antique item for sale.
  • Read about the history of the region and the handicraft item. When you have some basic information about the history, craft style, materials, and the such, you can determine the authenticity of the vintage item.
  • Check the patterns in the handicraft products. There could be numerous items available online, but it is the pattern, design, material that make a handicraft item unique. Develop an eye for detail to identify unique patterns and designs.

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