India has a rich history and heritage that is reflected in every piece of art and craft. Wooden jewellery boxes are precious keepsakes that have been crafted with great skill and dexterity. Traditionally, a handmade jewellery box was usually presented to the new bride to keep her precious jewels and ornaments. Large jewellery boxes were also used in temples to store the jewellery adorning the idols.

 Types of Antique Jewellery boxes

One of the most famous handmade jewellery boxes is the Nettur Petti from Kerala. These boxes were used by the royal women to store their precious trinkets. A Nettur petti is characterised by a hut-shaped lid. Kaala petti is another antique jewellery box from Kerala. This type of box was more used to store valuable documents. The box has a flat lid and stands on legs. Kathakali dancers used the Aata petti to keep their dance costume and ornaments. This type of box has a semi-circular lid. Cheppus are round boxes carved from tree roots. These tiny boxes were used to store trinkets.

 Antique jewellery boxes were usually crafted from jackfruit wood, mahogany wood, teak wood, and sandalwood. The hinges, locks, and handles of the boxes were mostly made from brass. The embellishments were of brass, silver, gold, and sometimes inlaid with precious stones and gems.


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