Decorating a home or a commercial space is an interior designer’s dream project. Even the top interior designers in India say that there are many challenges in designing and decorating a space in vintage theme.

Challenges in decorating a vintage-themed space

Finding the right antiques

The best interior designers in India know that they need to first focus on getting the right kind of antique items for decoration. Searching for antique items includes visiting garage sales and auctions, checking out online antique stores, and also searching for the right vintage collectibles in antique stores. In fact, the process of finding the right antiques can be very time-consuming.

Organizing the antique items

Once the interior decorator finds the antique items that he/she is looking for, the next challenge is to find the right place to display your collection. Antique items are known for their elaborate designs, intricate craftsmanship, and unique features. So, it is essential to find the right place where each item can be placed. There are a few antique theme interior designers in India  who go for a mix and match style. They mix vintage curios and modern items to create a well-balanced space. Having too many antiques in one space may make it look like a museum.

Staying close to the original theme

It can be easy to move away from the original theme when one finds different kinds of antique items. The biggest challenge is not overdoing the decoration so that the room looks and feels un-usable.

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