India is proud to have had some of the oldest civilizations in the world. The intricate carvings on the temple walls, fine drawings in the ancient caves, and detailed writings on the palm leaves give us a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage of our ancestors. From toys and kitchen utensils to idols and masks, all antique items have a story to tell. The vintage curios talk about the history of the location, the art and craftsmanship of the times, and above all, stand testimony to the greatest civilizations.


The Antique Story – Telling the story of our heritage

The Antique Story is an attempt to bring the incredible history of India to every drawing room. From antique furniture and kitchenware to vintage jewellery boxes and wooden carvings, we display a wide range of antique products on our website. These antique items from India are brought from reliable sources, checked for authenticity, and lovingly restored without damaging the intricate work.

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