Do you love the retro theme and want to decorate your home with antique interior products? Your search for antique interior design ideas has brought you to the right place. The Antique Story is a niche online store that specialises in antique products curated from different regions of the country.

If you are an amateur or a novice antique collector, there are a few points that you need to remember when you start shopping around for retro interior decoration items. 


You have to do some homework to find the best Indian vintage items for interior design. Before you start your search for antique items, decide on the theme and layout of your home design. The kind of antique interior products that you need to look for will depend on the layout and setting. Apart from the home design, you also need to do extensive research on the antique products that you are planning to buy. After you shortlist an item, read its history, research about the design and style and other information. All these details will also help you analyse the authenticity of the antique item.

Suit your style and vibe

Buy objects that define our style and energy, pick up something that appeals to you.

Go to a genuine online antique store

The most convenient option would be to go to an online store where you are confident you will find only rare and authentic vintage items perfect for living room interior ideas. It will help you save your time and effort.