Looking for unique and interesting retro decor ideas for your home or commercial space? You have come to the right place. At The Antique Story, we have an exclusive selection of antique items including ornamental boxes, tribal masks, antique wooden and metal statues, Ravi Varma oleographs and lots more. You can browse our website for antique interior decor ideas.

Antique Furniture

Bring in vintage charm to any setting with antique furniture. The kind of antique furniture that you choose depends on the size and function of the room. You can use the furniture as a decorative piece or as a stand to display other memorabilia.

Vintage Statues

Statues and idols are great for antique living room décor ideas. You can find figurines made of wood or metal at The Antique Story. We also have tribal statues painted in vibrant colours and metal statues made using the lost wax technique. Choose a vintage statue based on the theme and décor of the room.

Vintage prints

If you are looking for retro décor ideas for a vintage-themed restaurant or a kitchen/dining room, you can pick vintage prints. These curios are rare and hard to find.

Antique kitchenware

The people in the ancient times made urns and vessels from wood and metal, tiny round boxes to store opium, unique-shaped boxes to keep pan, and lots of other functional kitchenware. These rare kitchenware items are now highly valuable and are used for interior decoration.


Rare Paintings

A rare painting instantly adds class and style to any setting. Paintings by famous artists are sought-after by collectors and interior decorators. When you get rare paintings for decorating a living room or any other commercial space, do take care to protect the painting from dust and fingerprints.

So, without any delay, browse our website to find antique interior decor ideas for your home or commercial space.