The rich and vibrant heritage of our country is reflected in the antique Indian wooden handicrafts. From handcrafted jewellery and toys to boxes and figurines, we have many different types of antique wooden handicrafts. These handicrafts are an important part of the cultural history of the country. The design and style of the craft item reflect the lifestyle, environment and belief of the region. India is a country of numerous races, ethnicities, beliefs, and cultures. We can find out all about these factors in the antique handicraft items.

History of Indian handicrafts

The history of handicrafts in India goes back to the Vedic period. The Vedas talk about pottery, wood and metal items, but we haven’t found concrete evidence of such craft items from this era. However, we were able to find craft items made of clay, wood, and metal during the Harappa period and the Indus Valley Civilization. Elaborately carved stupas (pillars) and delicate jewellery was famous during the Mauryan era. And later on, in the Gupta period, we can find sculpting, stone carving and rock paintings developed. Most of the antique wooden handicrafts that we see now are from the Medieval period. 

The speciality of Antique Indian Wooden Handicrafts

The speciality of wooden handicraft items from ancient India lies in their unique features, detailed carvings and exclusive designs. Originally, these handmade items weren’t luxury goods. They were designed for utilitarian purposes. As artisans gained more skill, they began to add decorative features to these common household items. So, normal storage boxes became ornamental boxes and masks used for religious purposes became beautiful pieces of art.

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