Checking out unique gift ideas for boss? If you are looking for something rare, interesting, and valuable, get an antique farewell gift for boss. Many people would not have thought of such a wonderful gift idea. So, if you are thinking of getting gifts for your boss’s birthday or farewell party, we suggest vintage items. Here are some valuable vintage items that you can gift your boss.

Tribal Masks

If your boss has a rustic-themed home décor or loves vibrant and colourful wall décor items, then tribal masks will be the perfect choice of gift.

Statues or idols

These antique gifts will be perfect for any occasion. Choose a type of antique idol depending on your boss’s personal taste, preference, and faith. Antique statues are carved from wood or made from metal. Both kinds are of great value.

Rare Paintings and oleographs

Show your appreciation and respect to your boss by gifting him/her a rare painting or an oleograph. This antique gift is also a remarkable investment that your boss will be sure to appreciate. Give this antique painting as farewell gift for boss, and he/she will proudly display it in his/her house as a happy reminder of the working days.


Get table top or wall clocks for your boss. There are vintage pieces made of wood and metal that you can choose from. If your boss is a vintage collector, then he/she will surely love those antique clocks where the clockwork mechanism can be clearly seen.

Jewellery Boxes

A jewellery box makes a great vintage birthday gift for boss. Nettur petti from Kerala and other intricately carved jewellery boxes from Rajasthan are rare and valuable. Your boss will proudly display the ornamental box on her table. She can also use these vintage boxes to store her trinkets or other small items. 

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